It's officially fall in LA--winter elsewhere. Yes, the leaves do turn... yes, it's 75 degrees the week of Christmas. Speaking of which, I'm not feeling particularly Christmasy this year. There's no tree here and, Max needs not one thing. Well, diapers... diapers are always useful. But he's been receiving packages every week, and we're not compelled to buy into the propaganda of Christmas. Not even a picture with Santa. How much stuff does a 10-month old need, anyway? Not that much. Besides, the one he requires the most of is love. And he's got an abundance of that. What a blessed little boy.




Coat // J. Crew

Tee // Gap

Belt // J. Crew

Jeans // Gap

Shoes // Steve Madden

Bracelets // J. Crew (black) / Bella Jack (gold)

Watch // Swatch