I love clothes, shoes, accessories... that have a story. For me, there's nothing like putting on an outfit and recalling where a particular piece came from, or what I was doing at that time in my life when I purchased them. My top and shoes immediately came to mind when looking over these photos.

I studied abroad in my late 20s--eh hem, let's note that my late 20s only ended in May--and had the opportunity to do some traveling during breaks. And what are breaks for? Shopping! Duhhhh! But who goes to Florence, Italy to shop at American Apparel? Raises hand. Well, that's where the top is from, but let's get into these Stella McCartney sandals--which I wore to graduation--that I found at an outlet mall on the outskirts of Florence.

I purchased some Burberry rain boots that day, too. It was pouring down rain, like storming, and the leather boots I had... obviously were not waterproof. What a great reason for new boots, right? I'd say so.





Top: American Apparel // Shorts: Forever 21 // Shoes: Stella McCartney // Headband: American Apparel.