Uuugh... can I be honest? I really just haven't been in the mood to write. Perhaps, yet again, I haven't properly managed my time in order to remain consistent. I refuse to use the excuse I haven't had enough time. After all, we make time for the things we truly care to make time for, right? 

Have I wanted to write? Yes. Do I have plenty of outfit pictures to post? Yup. So what's the deal? I need a vacation. Even Superwoman gets worn out and this lady just needs to digress from sitting in front of the computer.  

The life of an entrepreneur and SAHM is so fulfilling, yet, it can be exhausting. I never want to be at a point where I don't feel appreciative of any of the work I do... including being a mother and partner.

So there it is, the truth. So feel free to contribute to the Send Amber to the Spa Fund. I need it.



Headwrap // Asos

Top // Boris & Natasha Boutique (Charlotte, NC)

Jeans // Gap

Shoes // United Colors of Benetton

Sunnies // thrifted