So, I feel like I need to reintroduce myself. Besides some posts from IG, I haven’t posted any outfit photos since I gave birth in March. I have to admit, it’s challenging balancing my relationship with God, motherhood, my relationships and all the other curve balls life has been throwing my way lately. I’m blessed though… humbled, even, that I’ve been chosen for the journey I’m on. The lessons are coming daily. It’s not easy… and at times I question my strength. We all do, right? 

I do know that I’m in a phase of restoration. I feel God molding me into the woman, mother, wife, daughter, friend, business woman, that I’m supposed to be. Let me tell you, He’s reaaaaaally working on me right now and it’s tough. Real tough. This kind of growth is what your 30s bring, I suppose. Way different than the 20s growing pains. But I’m ready and it’s time for me to start walking in my purpose. Rekindling my passion.

Watch me.

Welcome to my journey.


Hat // deBijenkor

Top // Camaieu

Necklace // J. Crew

Jeans // Flying Monkey

Watch // Swatch

Shoes // Gunmetal

Bracelet // Mannelli (Florence, Italy).


P.S. I started a new blog—for the moms juggle it all.

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