A good friend of ours was gracious enough to snap some family photos of us this particular day. What's sad is that out of all of the photos we've snapped in the last year, these were like.. the first 'official' photos we've taken. 

Before we proceed any further, let's get into this bun that's been giving me LIFE lately! I had my hair blown out and was shocked to see how long it had grown... pregnancy really does do wonders for hair growth. Ask anyone and they'll tell you that my hair goal has been a high bun. ACHIEVED! No sock, no teasing... all natural bun.

Who knew a bun could bring so much happiness? This lil lady is pleased, indeed.


Jacket // BCBG

Body suit // American Apparel

Jeans // H&M

Shoes // Nina

Bracelets // Urban Gypsy

Necklace //J. Crew

Lips // M.A.C. Ruby Woo