High Fashion Designers are Creating Lines of Hijabs—Top 5 Tips on Styling Hijabs

Before ever being considered high fashion, the wearing of hijab—the Islamic principle of modesty which not only includes dress for both men and women, but behavior, as well—is most visible as the head covering worn by many Muslim women. Most recently, Italian luxury brand Dolce & Gabbana debuted their S/S 2016 line—a collection of hijabs and abayas (ankle-length robes) specifically targeted to Muslim shoppers in the Middle East. From fabrics of georgette and charmeuse, to daisy, rose and polka dot prints, D&G is showing the world the versatility of wearing hijabs. Considering trying the look? Here are five tips on styling your hijab.

Floral, Floral, Floral – There’s a fine line between floral chic and holiday table cloth, but don’t let floral prints be intimidating. Play it safe and stick to brighter florals in lighter fabrics to avoid looking like you should be part of the décor.

Try Lighter Shades – To create the appearance of tanned skin, look for neutral shades of hijabs. Solid black can sometimes create the appearance of being pale or washed out.

Don’t Forget Your Shades – Oversized shades are a must. Just like finding a hijab that fits the shape of your face correctly, the same applies to sunglasses. Oval, round, long—be sure to ask for in-store assistance if you’re not sure what pair fits your face best.

Play with textures – Texture can add a lot of depth to an outfit. A crepe material, for example, is light and can be worn during the summer.

Don’t be Afraid to Mix Prints – Just make sure to wear a solid color to break-up the prints and to keep the colors in the same family. 


Originally published, here, on Bold.Global, on February 2, 2016.