Let’s ditch the cliché beret for a moment and really hone in on the elements of Parisian style. If you take a look at Paris street style as well as classic Parisian attire you’ll find endless similarities in both because they remain loyal to what works—sticking to the basics. Consider any of the items from photo set and you’ll notice that every items is interchangeable, creating multiple looks that are always in style and on trend—the true essence of the Parisian wardrobe.

Oversized shirt. Be sure to always keep the top button undone, as to not look too serious. Typically, you “borrow” it from your boyfriend—secretly knowing it will never be returned. It may even be worn in someone else’s arms one day, and while love may fade, some fashion lasts forever.

T-shirt. Just because it’s timeless and classic.

Oversized sunglasses. To be worn everyday because you always have a reason to wear them. Yes, even in the rain.

The cashmere scarf. For the simple fact that you do not own a down jacket, or a parka. And despite pretending otherwise, you actually do get cold on occasion.

Small, silk scarf. A multi-functional piece, indeed. Use it for a pop of color to liven up a dark outfit without going overboard on accessorizing. And if it happens to rain, you can wear it over your head. But if you’re a mom, you may find that it has doubled as a tissue for your little one if you’ve ever run out.

The little, black blazer. This piece smartens up any pair of broken-in jeans—you know, the ones you wear all the time. The LBB—to be worn on those days you want to look as if you put more effort into your look than you actually did.

A long trench. For warmer weather, of course. No, it doesn’t keep you as warm as a down jacket, but who’s voluntarily adding the look of any additional pounds?

The bag. Not just an accessory, your second home. The inside is in shambles—snacks, bills, receipts and other essentials—but the outside is beautiful. And that is all that matters.

Slim, cropped pants. Because they’re a win any time you pair them with the perfect ballet flat.

Jeans. Boyfriend. Skinny. Flared. High-waisted. It doesn’t matter, they’re equally important to the wardrobe and will always be present in the Parisian’s closet.

Men’s inspired shoes. Who says these chic, flat shoes aren’t for women? A well made pair of oxfords are a staple of the Parisian’s style.

Ballet flats. Because there’s no choosing between comfort and elegance—it’s all or nothing. Consider your ballet flats the equivalent of slippers and stay chic.

An A-line skirt. Simple, flirty and perfect with or without tights to take you from season to season.

The over-sized sweater that slips off one shoulder. You wear it the day after a party—likely on a Saturday and Sunday—and it’s comfy enough to snuggle up in. Hey, just call it your all weekend sweater.


Originally posted here on Bold.Global - January 5, 2016