What to wear when meeting your beau’s parents for the first time shouldn’t be a matter to over think. After all, what’s the big deal when you’re making a first impression and surely to be closely scrutinized regardless of what you’re wearing? Don’t panic, dressing for the occasion can be hassle free—and here’s how—just stick to the basics. No need for a suit, high collars or skirts to the ankle if that’s not your true style aesthetic. You’ll be uncomfortable and it’ll show, plus, it’s deceptive—certainly not the way to score points with mom and dad.

When you consider the basics, think all black. Black works for most and it’s the perfect canvas to build upon. Find that sexy LBD and throw a long cardigan over it with over-the-knee boots.

If you’re that guy who’s committed to his t-shirts, grab a black crewneck or v-neck; pair it with black jeans and Chelsea boots, and let your outer wear determine how casual or dressy you finish the look.

Meeting the parents shouldn’t cause wardrobe anxiety—besides, aren’t there plenty of other things to worry about? Just keep these 5 Do’s and Don’ts in mind when contemplating your outfit and eliminate the doubt:


Do make sure to choose something comfortable. No need for the top that needs readjusting or the shoes that are only painless for 2 hours.

Don’t shop for a new outfit—you’ll likely over think it and overwhelm yourself. You rarely find the perfect outfit when you’re looking for it anyway. 

Do check with your beau to confirm the dress code so you’re not too casual for a dressier event or vice versa.

Don’t fake it—dress in what represents you best. You’re more confident when you feel like yourself.

Do remember to wear a smile—it’ll always be your best accessory.


Originally published here on Bold.Global.