The lovely thing about October in L.A. is that you can wear outfits like this. You can also go to the beach, and the beach is always a good idea. I digress. 

May I speak candidly for a moment a moment? Of course, I can. I've always been hesitant about going bra-less. I'm just not a bra-less type of girl--I needs me some good support, OK?  And I'm just not comfortable being the silent siren for the AC being too high.

With that said, I've been a nursing mom for the past 8 months, so to come out of my nursing bra... into a leotard... with no bra... I look good. I say that because sometimes I don't feel so hot when I'm covered in whatever baby juice Max blesses me with. So, taking photos is another reminder that this momma's still got it! 





Leotard // American Apparel 

Skirt // Zara (try this look

Heels // BCBG   

Necklace // Stella & Dot (Jacqueline).